I’ve nearly finished a rough pencil for the remaining pages of the first issue on Cosmic Chain. There are 7 pages left (I think) for issue 1. Then I’ll do a couple tail-end pages with extra art and such to bookend the issue.

After that point I’m going to have to take some time to write the next issue and get a cover for it. I do have the story written, but I need to re-write it in a comic book page format. The story/novel form ended up being a bit different then what ends up being in the comic book. Everything ends up going in the same direction, but I tend to format things a little differently then what’s written in my book version of the story.

Before I start writing the second issue, I am going to have to do an error run on issue 1 to fix misspellings, correct inconsistencies, and draw things that I’ve missed. But yeah, will keep folks updated.