So…What’s up with Issue #2?

Issue #2 has been written. It has been edited. It still has yet to go into production because the correction run of Issue #1 is still being completed. The new version of Issue 1 will feature smoothed out dialogue, a new logo, and some additional pages. After a correction run, Issue #1 is going to be printed and sold on the website, at local comic shops, and at any conventions that I go to.

The reason I mention conventions…is that I’m going to be hosting a table for Cosmic Chain at Megacon Orlando in May! I’ve been at work getting merchandise together for the convention. I was hoping to have issue #2 for sale at the convention.. but it would cut it too close to accomplish. I’m cutting it close as is with the reprint of issue #1.

The booth will feature merchandise like stickers, buttons, figures, cel straps, prints, commissions, and even a convention exclusive version of Cosmic Chain #1! It’s first come first serve, but anything not sold at Megacon will be made for sale on the site.