Cosmic Chain has a bit of a.. weird…development history. It’s changed a lot over the years, believe me. LOL.

The first iteration started as a story called “Hyperschism”. (No I don’t know where the name came from..I just remember picking something that sounded “cool”..and kind of pretentious.) The story was about three human characters who traveled through a medieval world to explore caves that were filled with what would later become Cosmic Chain’s “Mana Springs”.  I created it for the sake of having some original characters to practice drawing, so it wasn’t really about the story.

The basic premise was that there was some …disaster…that prevented anyone from going outside their cities.  It also had something to do with the Leylines of the planet enhancing their power so that they could save the world. This meant that the characters needed to travel to the Leylines in order to access this power. It was similar to the premise of Legend of Legaia in that the heroes had powers which they would use to try to make the world habitable again. The problem with this was that these characters were, essentially, traveling through an empty world since it wasn’t habitable. It never really got that far into development, but Talitha did appear in this first version as a side character.  The main characters were two males and one female.  The female lead was actually Talitha’s Mother, who was a village soldier named Vel. Here is a picture of Vel:


At that point, I ditched the story for a while to do other things since it wasn’t working out too well. A while later I entered a character design contest where I needed to create characters and create a story around them. The story I ended up making was about some divine beings who went to a school set in the stars for children of gods who needed to learn how to be gods.

The main character had an enchanted hair clip who was supposed to lead her to a special item ( Don’t remember this too well.) Her friend, named Sarin, found out about the hairclip and it was their job to keep it a secret or risk being exposed as cheaters. These character designs were based on the Chinese Zodiac, so they ended up being cutesy animals to fit the story. After the story was finished I kind of went ‘well I guess I’ll just borrow the name from this other thing I was working on’ and named the main character Talitha since I didn’t have a better name for her.

After this contest, I decided that I kinda liked the designs so I decided to develop them further and mash these two stories into something I could use. I disliked the idea of a ‘school’ plotline but I liked the idea of characters training to become divine beings, so I kept that and tried to work from there.

Vel became the inspiration for Eltanin with her traits of being a dedicated mother; one of the Male leads from the first story became the character of Cerys, whose personality will become apparent in issue 2; Talitha stayed the lead character and kept the goal of becoming a Divine Being, but her origin got changed around a little. The designs of the world stuck to being the zodiac-inspired one, so all the characters got changed to animals from the Zodiac with their own special properties. (It wasn’t intended for the comic to have non-human characters, it just kinda ended up that way to match this running theme of astrology.)

The setting became very integral in how the world worked and how the characters interacted and existed within it. In Cosmic Chain currently, there is Feishun and a separate world where the gods reside, so the two stories I mentioned above sorta.. inhabit the same space and came together to make a complete world.


The image above shows Talitha’s original design iterations and Talitha’s designs have more iterations after this to get to the final one you see in the comic book. She went from a dark-skinned human character to…. a sheep. “Vel” also had a lot of design iterations before she ended up being turned into Eltanin. Vel was always a dark-skinned woman who wore orange and blue and had black-ish colored hair. I have quite a bit of art of Vel.. just never found a reason to post it.

So yeah. It changed quite a bit from the beginning.