Been a while.

I had a lot of other projects going on, but those have wound down and now I have room to work on Cosmic Chain again. Behind the scenes I’m working on writing it, which ultimately means re-writing it. I’m adjusting some of the character designs and dialogue to work better. That means I also have to redraw a couple pages. I also needed to rework the pages since the license on my font was not up-to-date, meaning I technically have no permission to use the font anymore. I have created my own font so that will no longer be an issue in the future.

For now, the comic has been taken down. I’ll republish it with new covers, new font, new designs, and some spruced up dialogue. If you’ve seen my social media, you’ll see that I’ve gotten designs and covers done already. When they are finished, I will be saying farewell to this site and have the URL reroute to a comic hosting site to minimize costs.

I don’t imagine issue 1 will change much, but issue 2 onward will probably change drastically.

Hopefully it won’t be long. o7