A Divine-Being-in-training who created the world of Feishun. Their current goal is to try to save the flawed world they created from destruction any way that she can.
Talitha is a bit of an accidental prodigy due to them being able to use her abilities at such a young age. Because of this, the Trine Leaders know of Talitha... and think of them as a potential hassle.
Since Talitha is such a young soul, they can easily come off as an ignorant twit who has no idea how the world works. Talitha always means well though and tries to learn from their mistakes.
..And there are going to be a lot of mistakes.
An old dragon that lives alone in the Pyrr Forest after facing exile from the Land of Dragons. She is quiet, to herself, and suspicious of the motives of others.
In her youth, she was an aspiring adventurer who was never able to leave her home due to obligations to her family and her daughters. She grew old and bitter from her life spent ‘unfulfilled’. Despite her age, she still longs for adventure even though she understands that her physical limitations makes it unlikely.
Eltanin spends her days in her home practicing pottery and surviving on her own accord.
Cerys is an important figure in Feishun. She is well known for her accomplishments in harvesting and Manipulating Mana. Many consider her to be the authority on Mana in her region.
She is an active participant in founding and maintaining Mana Springs around her home in order to combat the Demise. Considering the Demise has become more of a problem in Endiness, this means she is often busy and away from her home and her family.
Even if Cerys comes off as detached and disturbingly calm no matter the situation, she is a fiery Mama who is not to be trifled with.