• Writing, Inking, Coloring, and Character Design – CrimDa
  • Logo Design – Meghan Mikusch


Cosmic Chain is an All-ages Comic Book that is published both Online and in print.  Comics will be printed
and distributed before they are posted online, so anyone can enjoy the content! The comic will include themes
of cartoon violence, suspense, and LGBT. Be sure to proofread issues to make sure their content is what you would
consider to be age appropriate for your particular child.


Cosmic Chain is the story of Talitha, who is a divine-being-in-training.  Talitha creates the world
of Feishun on accident by using their families inherited ability to ‘create’ and must now learn how to care for the
world they created.

Talitha descends to their world and begins to explore Feishun. They find that it is a place filled with many
different cultures, races, customs, and chaos. A creature who is simply known as “The Demise” are breaking
down portions of the world and making it disappear.  With little in terms of defense, the people on Feishun
scramble for a way to protect themselves and their cities from the Demise. Talitha may be the only hope for
the people on her little planet…