New to Cosmic Chain? This section will provide a summary of
the plot up until this point, and give new readers a quick way
to get into the story.

Basic Overview

Cosmic Chain is the story of Talitha, a goddess in training. After becoming lonely, Talitha creates an entire world on accident by using her families inherited ability to create whatever they can imagine. She now must learn how to care for the world she created..even if she doesn’t have the best idea how to do that.

Cosmic Chain is currently on hiatus as Issue #2 is in production. Follow the Twitter of Facebook pages to get more updates. Promise it won’t be that long.

Extended Storyline

The world of Feishun is a place filled with many different cultures, races, and customs. The people of this world have lived relatively peacefully over thousands of years, but now the world around them is starting to collapse. A creature who is simply known as “The Demise” have been breaking down portions of their world and simply making it ‘disappear’.  

With little in terms of defense, the people on Feishun have been scrambling for a way to protect themselves and their cities from the Demise. Though they have developed a way to slow the Demise down, they have yet to find a way to get rid of the creatures once and for all.

Given the influence of the Demise, Feishun looks like a ruined world. Many of the once great features on the planet are distorted, fractured, or missing altogether.

It’s amidst this chaos that Talitha awakens on Feishun. She becomes determined to help the people of her Feishun defeat the Demise so that they can continue living in peace once again..